Public Relations Counselors

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The aim of Public Relations is to maximize support and minimize opposition for your enterprise among the various stakeholders and general public. A PR campaign consists of two distinct elements — strategy and execution, i.e. what to do and how to do it.

The role of a Public Relations Counselor is to suggest strategy, i.e. advocate âwhat to doâ. A Public Relations Counselor would typically be involved in defining the PR policy of your enterprise, analyzing problems and opportunities, identifying the stakeholders or publics you need to reach, recommending the key messages for each public, and allocating responsibilities to the team.

Given the criticality of this position, here are some qualities you need to look for in your Public Relations Counselor:

Good Judgment

Good judgment is the single most important quality of a good PR counselor. She needs to correctly interpret the strength and longevity of public opinion, and must know what to react to, and when and how to react. This calls for superior judgment.

Research and analytical capabilities

A responsible public relations program is based on the understanding of its publics. This comes through patient research, quantitative and qualitative measurement and insightful analysis. Without these qualities, a public relations counselor cannot hope to succeed.

Thinking on her feet

PR counselors are invariably called on to deal with crisis situations when hostile publics demand swift and sensitive action. Imagination, quick reactions, and sensitivity to the publics view will help your PR counselor deal effectively and efficiently with these adversities.

Persuasive Communicator

Communication is critical to all public relations functions. Well-planned, effectively handled communication is the key to the success of every PR program. Your PR counselor must also be persuasive in order to gather information and opinions from people, often in times of trouble when most people dont want to talk.


Above all, you want a PR counselor who will always be honest with you. Your PR counselor needs to be a mirror of the public opinion, helping you see an honest picture of what the public thinks of your enterprise.

Public Relations Career Information

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Public relations professionals spend the majority of their time planning, implementing, and evaluating promotional campaigns on behalf of their clients or companies. Public relations jobs typically include one or more of the following: writing, media relations, graphic design, public speaking, event planning, and other similar tasks. Depending on the type of organization with which you are employed, your job may involve any or all of these responsibilities, as well as other duties.

Skills Needed for a Public Relations Career

In order to be considered for a position in public relations, you will need to have strong communication skills. Successful public relations practitioners must be able to be able to write and speak clearly. PR practitioners communicate with their clients, employers, coworkers, the general public, and media representatives on an ongoing basis. Nearly every PR job requires, at a minimum, writing press releases and pitching stories to journalists via email, by telephone, and/or in person.

Many public relations jobs require making guest appearances on television programs, being interviewed on radio shows, and giving speeches or making presentations to groups of all sizes. Others require writing in-depth documents such as speeches, brochures, training manuals, and other publications. Additionally, PR practitioners are often responsible for coaching company executives and clients regarding how to speak to reporters and other media representatives.

In addition to strong communication skills, public relations professionals need to have excellent organizational skills, particularly if their job duties encompass media relations and event planning. PR professionals can be responsible for handling pre-planning, logistics, setup, and promotions for news conferences, grand openings, new product launches, and many other types of events.

Training for a Career In Public Relations

A degree specific to the public relations field is not necessary for a career in public relations, but it can certainly be beneficial. Most companies do require Bachelor’s degrees or a significant amount of related work experience for even entry-level PR positions. Many people choose to move into Public Relations from careers in journalism, publishing, sales and other types of occupations that require strong writing skills.

Many people who are successful in public relations have completed formal education in fields such as: Advertising, Communication Arts, Creative Writing, English, Journalism, Marketing, Mass Communication, Psychology, Public Relations, and similar fields. Regardless of your major, if you college has a student chapter of the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) professional organization, it is a good idea to get involved.

A college student who wants to pursue a career in PR will be well-served by completing an internship with a public relations company or in corporate communication in order to get hands-on experience in the field. A combination of classroom training, hands-on internship experience, and recommendations from professionals in the field are very beneficial to anyone seeking employment in the public relations field.